As a product development partner to the world’s major automotive manufacturers and suppliers, we create early concepts, develop robust designs, provide virtual and physical verification, and refine vehicles for production.

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Why work with us?

Our approach to automotive design includes an aggressive application of simulation technologies upfront in the development process. This 'Simulation Driven Innovation' philosophy allows you to find the optimal balance between weight, performance and cost for your products. 

The result is a program with reduced risk and shorter cycle times, delivering a vehicle that meets functional attributes and mass targets on time.

Where We Specialize

Concept Development

The concept phase of the vehicle development process is characterized by the availability of design freedom to experiment with different packaging, manufacturing and structural strategies. However, traditional simulation (CAE) often isn’t quick enough to deliver the required design direction. To meet this challenge, Altair has developed a unique, three stage optimization-driven concept development process called C123.


Up-front simulation can confidently predict the highly complex multi-physics behaviour witnessed in vehicle powertrains. Intelligent technologies provided the gateway to deliver optimum balanced design between weight and engine performance. Our team is highly experienced in the development of new vehicle powertrain systems with expertise in disciplines ranging from fluid dynamics and NVH performance to durability and structural analysis.

Weight Management

Vehicle weight is often addressed undesirably as a post-launch development initiative. Our process considers weight as a primary attribute, from program inception tracked throughout the design phases. Applying simulation technologies upfront in the design process means you can find the optimal balance between weight, performance and cost for your products.

Noise & Vibration

Our approach to NVH performance improvement places simulation technologies at its core. From test correlation and load case development through to design optimization techniques and advanced diagnostic studies, our specialist team shortens lead times and improves prediction capability for clients around the world.

Electric & Connected

Our consultants have worked alongside many of today's leading EV manufacturers. We provide services tailored for the unique challenges and opportunities afforded by EVs from electromagnetic studies, NVH assessments, crash analysis and weight reduction, all the way up to concept packaging development and body-in-white definition.

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We work for the world's leading automotive, off-road, military and commercial vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. We've collected some our favorite stories that we can talk about publicly and would like to invite you to take a look.

Examples include VW, Renault, Ford, FIAT, Jaguar Land Rover and many more.

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